A Sneak Peek of Four Dead Queens.

Title: 4 Dead Queens by Astrid Scholte.
Genre: YA, Fantasy

I received my copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

As the title suggests, the copy I received was a sneak peek of the book. This is not a review of Four Dead Queens. The book I received had a couple of chapters which were not enough for me to pass any judgement. However, my first impression of this book told me all I needed to know.

Four Dead Queens is a YA, Fantasy novel. The story takes place in Quadra which is divided into for quadrants. That is Eonia, Toria, Archia and Ludia. Each of these sectors is ruled by a queen hence the four queensđź‘‘ who incidentally end up very dead.

This copy came to an end just when all the fun was beginning, but I did get a general idea of what was to come. Danger, court politics, betrayal, more murder and quit a bit of romance. The thief in this case will become very special even though she is a nobody right now. Plus, I can bet the wannabe 'gang' leader will prove to be a nuisance.

I can't wait to hold this entire book in my hands.
Have you gotten the chance to read this book? 


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