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Authors are one of the most important people especially to Bookaholics. We might not be nice to them sometimes, especially, when they kill off our favorite characters or when they make us wait for their next book but we love them nonetheless. We have read their books, and we know their words by heart but how much do we know about them?

Today, I am super excited because I am featuring my very first author, which makes her extra special. Her name is Tamara Lawyer/ TK Lawyer, and she is the Award Winning Paranormal Romance Author of The Guardian League series. Read more about her in this interview where she talks more about her books, her love for hot alpha males and all things Paranormal.

Tell us a little about yourself. 

I am an Award Winning Paranormal Romance Author, and I am a romantic at heart. I have been writing since high school, but it was sometime in 2011 when my writing blossomed into a career. Craving some kind of excitement and adventure in my life, I jotted down a few notes for a book and never looked back.

My books blend my interest in the paranormal and my love of romance. Steamy, unique, fun tales of adventure with alpha males and feisty, curvy females are my signature. I write what I love: passionate, erotic, emotion-tugging novels that widen readers’ experiences and leave them wanting more. No two books are alike and each one is a stand-alone novel ready for fans and readers alike to dive into and enjoy!

Have you always wanted to be an author?

I never wanted to be a writer. It kind of just happened because I was bored with my full-time day job and I needed something to re-awaken the passion I felt was dying inside with the monotony of my life. When scenes started entering my mind like rapid fire, and I jotted them down, that’s when I knew I had to write.

If no, what did you want to be? 

Actually, I wanted to own two clothing retail businesses. I had names picked out for them too. I was going to bring, beautiful, chic fashion to people. One clothing line would be conservative while the other would tend to outrageous but wearable fashion pieces.

Tell us a little about the last/latest book you’ve written.

My latest book, Aeron, is the fourth installment in the five book Guardian League series. Aeron, along with all of the angels in my Guardian League series has a unique story. He falls in love with a human being who is married. He was about to walk away, due to her being in a committed relationship, until he realized she was unhappily married and searching for a way out. Her husband has given up on fixing the relationship and she no longer wants to be tied down. Aeron befriends his future mate, Kim and their story unfolds as he waits for her decision and supports her no matter what.

Where did you get the inspiration for this particular book? 

During the time I wrote this book, a friend was having difficulties in her own relationship to the point of being separated from her husband. I was interested in testing the “what if” question, if an unhappy human was actually the mate to an angel but she was married, and wrote out a book to answer it.

Here are some of her books. Aren't they just gorgeous? 

On average, how long does it take it for you to write a book?

I have three to four jobs, actually, that I have to juggle on a daily basis: My full-time job, my dad’s ailing health, my own family and my writing business. Due to all these commitments, on average it takes me a year to write a book since I normally write on a part-time basis. My goal, in the future is to release at least two books per year but for now, I try to get at least one done.

Do you have any unpublished/unfinished scripts?

My WIP is another wolf shifter. This one is an Arctic wolf. He owns an inn and meets his mate while attending a group reading. He is a fun, comical character who can’t control himself when he is around his mate and I am immensely enjoying writing his book. I also have a couple of short stories that I am trying to round up to put into one book. This will be my second and final book of short stories but this one will be different and will include tales of various shape shifters.

What types of books do you read?

I am a paranormal romance fanatic. I am always searching for new authors along with having my main three authors at the forefront of what I search for. I also love Dean Koontz though it’s been a while since I have read his books. Now that he is writing books off the Odd Thomas theme, I may look into his books again.

Authors that capture my attention at the very beginning of their books and keep me rolling with their characters throughout the book are the ones I read. I am currently fascinated with aliens so I have been reading a lot of books with this character in them.

What book are you reading right now?

I am reading “Deceiving the Corsair” by Ruby Dixon. I absolutely love her books involving all of the characters on the ship “The Fool.” The Messakah aliens she writes about are such amazing, over-the-top protective Alpha males. They leave a girl wanting one of their own.

Which are your three favorite books of all time?

Wow… Hmmm. This is hard to decide because at different age levels, I cherished different books. I would start with the one book that made me start writing about angels.

 I accredit my entry into writing to Felicity Heaton whose book “Her Dark Angel” got me thinking differently about angels. It opened my eyes to wonderful possibilities and questions not answered.

A book from my past that captivated me was Fahrenheit 451. What an interesting concept. If we burned all the books and kept people from reading. Firefighters actually causing fires instead of fighting them. Wow. That was a stunner and a great book.

 The third is hard to come up with because there are sooo many good books out there that coming up with one to top all the others is rather difficult. One of my all time favorite books though,  resides in my personal library. I can’t neglect this sweet, amazing book that I read when I was younger- The Story of Ferdinand. Unlike the movie, the story is a simple, sweet tale of a bull that only wants to rest in peace under his favorite tree. It is a beautiful tale and one of my all time favorites.

Do you/have you ever read a copy of your book after it has been published?

Yes, I have copies of all of my books. On occasion, I will re-read them because I love the stories.

What advice would you give to an aspiring author who is just starting out?

If writing is your dream, don’t let anything stop you. It is true that writing encompasses only 10- 20% of your time while the rest is marketing and promotion but once you have your own book business and you see your name in print, there is nothing quite like that feeling in the world and you will do anything to keep it going.

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