Review: Well that Escalated Quickly

Title: Well that Escalated Quickly (Memoirs and Mistakes of an Accidental Activist) by Franchesca Ramsey
Pages: 212
Rating 4.5

"As excited as I was for the opportunity to write a book, I was also really nervous. The prospect of reliving some of the embarrassing, ignorant, or even offensive things I’ve said and done was daunting, especially since I’ve made a career of, literally, decoding injustice."

She obviously had nothing to worry about if you ask me. The book was amazing!

In this book Franchesca explores issues related to race, social media and activism which are some of the most divisive topics of our time. Adding to the appeal of this book are her personal experiences which are so funny, making this one of the best books I’ve read this year.

Embarrassingly enough, I think I must be the only person who had not heard of her before reading this book especially after her Sh*t White Girls Say… YouTube video went viral. I obviously stopped reading when she talked about her YouTube channel, in order to see some of her videos. Many videos later I decided to stop since I was getting into the “people who have issues with @chescaleigh territory” and these people were not pulling any punches in their videos. Why someone would have that kind of hatred directed towards someone they’ve never met is something I don’t think I’ll ever understand.

For the most part, I am really not into social media. It scares the hell out of me. The thought of writing something other people will see just freaks me out too much. I had no problems with having zero social media presence until I started this blog last year.

 In the book, Franchesca sums up what is wrong and right with social media plus ways of dealing with problems that may arise. Chapters like Unfriended and Lessons from Going Public part 1 and 2 contain information that everyone should read.

I loved this book especially because, apart from being entertained I also learnt a lot too. For example, I will never start another blog post with a “Hello guys”. I never knew that the term guys made some people uncomfortable. The very last part of this book also taught me more about activism in one sitting than I had learnt my entire life.

Funny and very informative, Well that Escalated Quickly is a book everyone should read.

Remember: "When the offense is public, it usually deserves a public condemnation."


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