It's July

Hey Bookaholics, I hope you are doing great wherever you are. Whether you are experiencing the cold season (like I am) or summer (I am so jealous) rock it with a book in hand and enjoy yourself will you? For me, this July started on a high note, at least on the reading department.

I completed my Goodreads Challenge you guys! I have officially read 43 books since the beginning of the year surpassing my goal of 40. My 2018 challenge will look so impressive because there are so many months left and so many books to read. I will be one of those people whose challenge reads 200% complete or something. Mind you, my challenge for last year was to read 100 books (which I completed) but I decided to have fewer books this year.

The reason being that I had a lot happening this year. Many things were supposed to happen, at least I had wanted them to. For one, I would be finishing my undergraduate studies this year. I therefore needed to study even more than usual and there was just no time for novels. Secondly, I was supposed to or I expected to start my internship this year. Sadly I have not been able to get one two months down the line. Needless to say I now have a lot of time on my hands to read more books. Finally I am to graduate this year and all the effort and energy I expect to put into that day would also be another distraction. I obviously cannot read when I am distracted and so on…

So this year did not turn out the way I expected. Honestly it has been more disappointing but I am still here. Chin up, celebrating the little things like my Goodreads Challenge. It is after all the little things that count right?


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