Review: First Ladies Of The Republic

Title: First Ladies Of The Republic by Jeanne E Abrams
Pages: 328
Rating: 2 stars
Verdict: I wouldn't recommend this to anyone I know.

A big thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for this Arc.

This is a detailed history of the lives of three of the first ladies of the USA. That is Martha Washington, Abigail Adams and Dolley Madison. When I say detailed I mean it. This was a really in depth look at the lives of these women and how they shaped the position of the First lady.

It was good to see that even back wetthen they still found a way of been heard and seen. They were not "flower girls" you know, who stood behind the woman man of the hour and looked pretty.

I learnt a lot about history (mostly about politics) which I was not counting on but was a welcome surprise. Something else that I learnt from this book was that I have a lot of patience. Honestly this book was dull. It went on and on it felt a thousand pages long. I can't even remember the number of times I checked to see if I was almost done.

As I said this book was very detailed and it had so much information to go through. I don't even know who would want to read this page by page cover to cover. It could be helpful if you are doing research on the topic or if you are a serious history nerd but still...


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