April: Around The World In Thirty Days

I turn a year older this month guys!! Happy birthday to all Bookaholics born on April. I hope all your wishes come true especially if it is to have more books 😉. Personally what has always been at the top of my wishlist (apart from more books of course) is to travel the world. I know everyone says that but I am sure that unlike me they have at least visited one country or dream destination. As my birthday approaches travelling the world will still be at the top of my wish list but...

Since I am all about realistic expectations, I admit that the chances of me travelling anywhere in the next few months are slim to none. So I decided on the next best thing. Which brings me to this month's theme, **Around The World in Thirty Days**. Grab a book and join me in travelling around the world. I'd love to hear about your favorite/dream destination and if there's a book that mentions it.

Happy reading.


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