Review: This Child Will Be Great


Title: This Child Will Be Great by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Pages: 315
Rating: 3.5 stars
Verdict: Highly recommend it if you love history. Especially African history.

I really did not get what I expected from this book. I went into it thinking that I would learn more about the author. I mean her life must be amazing, this is the first female president in Africa people!

What I got was anything but. This felt impersonal to me. I learnt more about Liberia and West Africa than about her. Sure the economic, political and social backgrounds were important but clearly they overwhelmed her story. There were no detailed descriptions about her life but there were a lot about Liberia.

The whole thing was superficial, it was like a checklist of her achievements. I wanted to understand her,  the things she saw and the way she felt about them.  For example, she says she went to Harvard University. All we are told is that she was a top student who was always reading.

Okay, but I was more interested in learning about how was her first day? Did she fit in immediately or did it take time? That kind of thing.

Anyway complaints aside this was a very good book. It just warmed my nerdy history loving heart. It was difficult to read the parts about the war but I persevered. It was amazing to read about her achievements, the things she had done and the circumstances that brought her to be where she was.

I want to be her when I grow up:)


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