Book Boyfriends

We really are little book whores, aren’t we? Not just in the number of
number of books that we read, but the number of guys we are in love
Erin Noelle, Metamorphosis

The first time I read that quote was in someone else’s Goodreads
profile. I like the quote and that was it but I couldn’t stop thinking
about it. The more I thought about it the more I marveled at how true it
was and how accurately it described me.

Ladies and even gentlemen
who are avid readers, have you ever had a book boyfriend? Depending
on what you read he may be a faerie prince, a ruthless mafia boss, a
gang leader, a shifter, a billionaire or a high school bad boy. But what
they have in common is that we love them and wish they were real.
You know the type of guy that makes you hate their respective love
interest no matter how nice they are because you want them for
yourself. Yes, I am pretty sure you have all been there at least once.

So what is it about guys in books that makes them the ultimate fantasy
for many? Personally I think I have more than a dozen book boyfriends
at any particular time. Out of every ten books that I read I must have at
least one character I wish would just step out of the pages and pull me
into their muscular arms covered in tribal tattoos and never let go.

Then again that may be a bad idea considering the sheer number of
them. I don’t even know who I would choose which is too much pressure for one girl so maybe they can just remain in my books for now, or not? I don’t know I am sort of confused about this. If there was some way I could make them real I would not even blink, hello Rhys sorry Feyre he is mine and I am not returning him (go read ACOTAR for those who have no idea of what I am talking about).You see I never really had an answer when people asked me why I read so many books but something about growing older makes you a little more honest with yourself and I can confidently say I read so much because I want to escape reality.

Some people take drugs, others play
video games and I read. Book boyfriends are kind of like that too an
escape from reality. I know they are not real but how could you not fall
for them? They are unrealistically perfect, you can’t help but like them.
They are charming and sweet, very considerate, they are brave and
smart, funny and it doesn’t hurt that for the most part they are hot as sin. They are unbelievably sexy and just know what a girl wants to hear and feel.

My friends get so irritated when I talk about my book boyfriends as if
they are real but they don’t understand I always remind them snootily.
They are not readers so how can they understand the feeling of a character that comes alive between the pages and captures your mind and heart. How can they understand the intense longing and wishing a figment of someone’s imagination was real? The answer is they can’t.

So what if they are not real, I have plenty of reality in my life it wouldn’t
hurt to have a little fantasy too.


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