I have really grown this year, especially emotionally. I am more confident in myself than I have ever been and I am very much content in who I am. It must be something about growing older. Anyway,  am also excited because I have also improved in my reading. I am reading more books for sure even if I have been busier in 2017.

This year I finally became active in Goodreads after joining years ago. From zero friends in January I now have 152 friends who am so excited about!!

 I have also managed to read and complete 105 📚  of my 100 goal according to my GR book challenge. Honestly I can't believe I did it but here we are.  Finally and best of all I have managed to start this blog. After months of thinking and rethinking I just did it. I look forward to the next year, I have some new ideas for this blog and I can't wait to start. Plus I can't wait to read all those new books next year.
See you in 2018.


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