November Tbr list

YA is one of my favorite genres to read. In fact most of the books I have read this year have been YA and one of the best authors out there is John Green. As an author he has a big following among bookaholics with many having read his books especially The Fault In Our Stars.
That is why it is so surprising that I have never read any of his books.

*Yeah* I'm mortified too and that is why I have decided to binge read books by J Green. For my November Tbr list I have decided to read:

~ Turtles all the way Down.
~ Paper Towns
~ An Abundance of Katherines
~ The Fault in our stars.
**** I already have Turtles all the way Down so yay! I am so excited to start it so here goes.


  1. The best way to read John Green is by order of publication to see how his writing has grown

  2. Thanks for the suggestion I actually just picked the most popular books on goodreads but maybe I will try and read them in order.


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