John Green

  Turtles All The Way Down by John           Green

  Pages: 286
  Rating: 3 stars
  Verdict: Funs of John Green should definitely read this.

I laughed. “It’s turtles all the way down.”
“It’s turtles all the way fucking down, Holmesy. You’re trying to find the turtle at the bottom of the pile, but that’s not how it works.”

This is the first John Green book I've read and I can see why people love his writing. I found myself highlighting many parts of this book because of the way the words rung true. The writing actually makes you pause and think deeper about what you are reading.

For the most part this story is about Aza's mental illness and her strife. There is the part about the lost billionaire but that was in the background and an unnecessary addition to the story.

The drawing on the cover is of a spiral and the word spiral is mentioned at least 26 times in this book. It is mostly used to describe the mental process of Aza's thoughts which escalate and continue tightening like a spiral "If you follow it inwards it never ends."

Aza is in a constant struggle to be normal, to be a good friend and a good daughter but how can she be all these things when she does not feel real or solid? What I actually got from this book is that it is okay not to be sure of everything. As human beings we are always trying to figure out everything, seeking an explanation for all things. We are always trying to find the turtle at the bottom but it is fine if we don't.

My major issue with this book is that it had no plot as far I could see. The whole thing seem to be an endless narration of Aza's daily life. I am done with this one three John Green books to go.


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