9 Types Of Heroes You Will Find In The World Of Fiction

Mr. Perfect: This is the kind who has no flaws. It doesn’t matter if you are a cynic, or a very critical person. You won’t find any fault with this guy. He says and does the right things without any ulterior motive. He is an absolute darling that is not scared to express his love. The best example I could think of was Lazlo from Strange the Dreamer.

Superman: He is the rescuer. He is the guy everyone calls when they are in trouble. He rescues everyone including his love interest a couple of times. Examples of this character include; Daemon- Lux Series, Edward-Twilight Series and Lucas-Easy.

Mr. Insecure: This is the kind of hero who constantly needs reassurance. He has everything going on for him, but he still needs to control everything and everyone include his love interest so as to feel safe. He has the looks, the wealth, and the career but his insecurity is a large part of him mainly arising from events of his past. A good example of such a guy is Christian Grey- Fifty Shades of Grey.

The Cruel Prince: This one is the evil guy everyone fears. He doesn’t try to be good but he still ends up with the girl/guy. Examples of such characters include; Vicious-Vicious, Cardan- Cruel King.

The Alpha: This is the arrogant guy who is unsurprisingly a womanizer. He is rich, powerful and hotter than hell. The thing about him though is that he falls hard when he meets the one. Examples include; King-King &Tyrant, Andrew-Reasonable Doubt.

The Beta: The funny/flirty guy who loves to tease and in doing so brings the hero/heroine out of their shell. The first person that came to mind in this one was Jesper from Six of Crows.

Ice King: The intimidating guy who secretly has a heart of gold. He is usually the guy who has, or will have feelings for their love interest for a long time before they tell them. At first, they come across as cold and unfeeling but they are actually sweethearts when you get to know them. Examples of such characters include Joshua-Hating Game and Thomas- Stalking Jack the Reaper and Liam Gerling- Evermore.

Boy next door: This is the guy who will still be there after their love interest dates around, marries, leaves town and comes back. Eventually, the love interest recognizes his charm and realizes that they’ve always loved him and want to be his forever. I have read so many books with such characters but the only example I can remember is Tom from Ninety Nine Percent Mine.

Lonely boy: He is basically a loner. When he finally falls in love, he thinks that he doesn’t deserve the girl/guy. This is mainly because of his background or the stuff he has done. Examples of this characters include; Beckett- The Butterfly Project, Charles Stanton-The Hunger and Damian- Aphrodite’s Tears.

I have read hundreds of books but when it came to remembering heroes for this post, every name I knew just disappeared. Do let me know what category your favourite hero falls in so that I can add them to this post. Also if you enjoyed reading this post, don't forget to share and subscribe to my blog.


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