Title: The Mentalist Series Box Set by Kenechi Udogu
Pages: 570
Average Rating: 3 stars
Recommended to: YA and Paranormal readers

I received this box set from the author in exchange for honest reviews.

The Mentalist Series Box Set is comprised of four books. That is; Aversion, Sentient, Keepers and Broken Ties. The first three books are all about Gemma and her sentient twin Russ. Gemma is a teen Averter who finds out that she has more power than the average Mentalist, a fact that lands her and Russ in trouble more often than not. Everyone wants her to be on their side (because of her powers) when the expected war comes and they are willing to do anything to make her agree.

The fourth book, Broken Ties is a novella which is much shorter than the three other books. It is about Gemma’s parents and how they met until they decided to run away together. Paul and Nora’s story was a surprising and beautiful addition that brought together the whole series. If you want to learn more about these books, you can read my reviews on each of them below:






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