Review: Fight Twice For Me

Title: Fight Twice For Me by CC Wylde
Pages: 236
Rating: 3 stars

... I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Recommended for 18+ readers.
This was hot!!!! Smoking hot. The main character Ella has sworn off MMA fighters and with good reason too. Her father who left her and her mom was one and so was her ex who is a complete bastard by the way.

She had a plan, finish school and move far away from Vegas and her reckless mother. It is all looking good so far until she meets the twins Diego and Rigo who incidentally become her stepbrothers. Of course she finds out after they spend the night in her bed. Yes you heard that correctly.

Honestly that was the main reason I wanted to read this. I was really curious;) The writing is really good if you overlook the numerous sex scenes and why would you want that?

I just wish the characters were more developed.  They felt like a copy pasted version of every bad boy meets girl trope out there. I did not feel any connection to either of them. Daisy was super annoying and a perfect example of what a friend shouldn't be. The ending was sweet and all romantic just as I predicted.

Two is indeed better than one. 


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