Over-hyped Books. Are They Really Worth The Hype?

We've all been there. It is a new year and new books are been published and you don't know which one to read because they are all so tempting. Then all over a sudden this book catches your attention.

All your friends, on Goodreads, Twitter etc are fangirling all over the place about how brilliant the book is. Book bloggers are also onboard this fangirl ship. They are writing all sorts of praise about how awesome the book is and how everyone should totally  read it.

So you think okay, I should totally check this out. You go to Goodreads and everyone is in looooove, five stars all over the place. In case you didn't get the level of awesomeness involved there are a gazillion memes to show you this.
You fall for it and so you get the book. You clear your schedule and get comfy in your favorite reading spot ready to be dazzled.

Halfway through the book you realize that it's not happening. In fact the book is actually boring/ annoying. That hot guy your friends were swooning about is a total jerk and there is no plot whatsoever involved. But hey you are an optimist and you've just spent good money on this so you soldier on. The good parts are coming.

Only they don't. By the time you are done you are so frustrated and have a headache from all the eye rolling. You go to bed cursing all your friends and their false memes all the while debating if it will be overkill if you never speak to them again.

If this has never happened to you, bless you my dear you are one in a million. This has happened to me so many times it is embarrassing. I have dozens of books like this which I will never read again. Once was enough.

Now this is where I come in. I want to spare you this kind of pain because am nice and cool like that. This month I will be trying something different. I will review the most hyped books of 2018 then give a verdict on whether they are epic (totally worth all those memes) or a fail. I will be doing this over the next few months moving on to a different genre every month.

I'd love to hear from you. What over hyped books do you consider to be a total fail?


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