Review: Sweet Tea and Sympathy

                Sweet Tea and Sympathy by                       Molly Harper
                Pages : 307
                Rating: 4 stars
                Verdict: A simple and sweet.                     read. I recommend this if you.                   are looking for something.                         relaxing and easy to read.

I am off to a good start! All the books I have picked to read in January are really good and this one was no exception. I picked this book because of the cover. That cover just caught my eye, it promised a simple and enjoyable sweet read just what I need to start of the new year. The Mc Margot loses her job after an embarrassing disaster occurs at one of her parties( she is a party planner ). Over night she goes from planning huge galas and an expected promotion to becoming the laughing stock of the party planning world.

 Everything seems to be falling apart until a woman, Tootie calls her and tells her she is her aunt then offers her a job. Obviously she goes because she has no choice so she leaves Chicago and moves to Georgia. There she meets her large family and a father she hasn't seen in years. Her adjustment to living in the small town was interesting some parts of this book were actually funny and sweet.

This book did not disappoint, it was enjoyable and sweet. The plot was simple, there were no twists, no startling revelations just a simple relaxing read. There was some romance in here too. Margot falls for a widower with two kids who is also annoying especially at the end.

I mean seriously he is not in love with her, he doesn't want a serious relationship but he still wants her to pause her plans and wait for him and love him until he is sure of what he wants?!? I couldn't believe he played the "I introduced you to my daughters" card. Unless I skipped the pages all the encounters Margot had with Hazel and Juniper were purely coincidental and not as a result of Kyle planning for them to spend time together.

The characters were fairly well written. I liked most of Margot's family especially Tootie, Donna and Frankie. The best thing about them was that their relationship was very realistic. Talking of realistic that hookup scene between Kyle and Margot was awkwardly relatable. It was good of Kyle to give that disclaimeršŸ˜‰ more guys should try it. The ending was predictable but it fit in with the simplicity of the entire book.



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