My First Book Review!

  The Casual Vacancy: JK Rowling
  Pages: 503
  Rating: 4 stars
  Verdict: This book is not for everyone but it is definitely worth the read if you are determined.

I have to  admit, I read this because it was written by JK Rowling. I had read some reviews so I knew there was no magic (much to my disappointment) but I still went ahead to read it. Bookaholics, welcome to Pagford. An almost perfect place to live in, on the outside that is.

It is actually a town at war where the people hide deep resentment. The people are seemingly happy but what goes on behind closed doors is different. There are strained relationships, abusive husbands, unhappy wives and angry teens. When Barry Fairbrother dies everything in this small community explodes into a series of events that have a tragic conclusion.

This book had well written characters in a sense that they were so alive I could picture them. They were more in number than I would have liked because it made the beginning confusing. I couldn't tell Tessa and Ruth apart for the first quarter of this book. Thankfully it got better in the middle till the very end.

The author worked hard to create good characters and a background for the story but in doing so she made it longer than necessary. The book dragged on and on somewhere in the middle I nearly gave up. But... People! This is Rowling we are talking about so I just braved it out. The ending was not what I had pictured because I love happy ever afters and I can't stand anything else. This wasn't it though. That ending made me cry however now that I think of it I see that it was a fitting end.

     Good girl gone bad –
    Take three –
  No clouds in my storms …
  Let it rain, I hydroplane into fame
  Comin’ down with the Dow Jones …


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