Title: You are a Badass: How to stop Doubting your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero
Pages: 256
Rating: 4.5 stars
Category: Self Help and Non-Fiction

I got this book from a book club friend. Well, we are not exactly a book club. It’s more of- I am broke, but I still need to read, so can you lend me a book kind of group. So this friend lent me this book since he thought I would like it.

Generally, I am not a fan of self help books since I find most of them to be too preachy, and boring. This time though, I decided to take the book, mostly because I was attracted by the title, and for other personal reasons.

You see this year has not exactly been easy for me. In fact, I would not be exaggerating when I say that it has been the hardest one of my entire life. It’s not a surprise then that I had started doubting myself in many things. Every time I did something, I would wonder if this was one more thing I was about to screw up. So when I was offered this book, I thought why not? I literally had nothing to lose by reading it.

I knew I would love this book just from the first chapter. Something about the writing was so soothing even when it tackled hard, and uncomfortable truths. It felt like I was actually having a conversation with a coach, or something instead of reading a book.

It’s therefore not surprising that this book got to me when many people had not. For the entire year, all sorts of people had been talking to me, trying to encourage me by saying that things were not as bad as I thought. It had of course not worked, and by the time I was reading this, I was a mess. That is why getting this book was possibly the best thing that could have happened to me.

As the title suggests, this is obviously a self help book about bringing out your inner awesomeness. The book is divided into five parts, with are divided into several chapters which expand the general theme of the part. Does that make sense?

Anyway, the author has written this book in such a way that she tackles a new problem/issue on every chapter, and then gives ways on how to deal with it.  This was one very organized book! In fact, one of the reasons why I loved this book was because of how organized it was. The writing format throughout the book was the same, making the transition from one chapter to the next effortless, and easy to read.

In the book, the author offers practical ways of how to deal with the mentioned problems, and urges the reader to practice each of them. I have started on some of the recommended exercises in this book, and I can honestly say that they have really helped me.

 Just to be clear, I am not advertising this book, nor am I saying that it will solve all your problems. I am just saying that it has helped me, and if you are looking for a pick me up, you can also read it too. Therefore, I recommend this book to everyone because I think something in this book will help you. Even if you don’t like these kinds of books, trust me you’ll want to read this one.


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